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Refund Policy

Refunds, Cancellations and Subscriptions


Your purchase is a subscription for a pre-paid subscription term of 1,3, and 6 months or a year. The subscription automatically renews at the end of each subscription term for the same period of your purchase.

You consent us to automatically renew your subscription and charge your account when the end of your subscription period arrives (Renewal Date). You’ll receive a notice through email, 7 days before the Renewal Date. This notice informs that your current subscription term is ending soon, together with the Renewal Date when your subscription will be renewed.

Notices in regards to your subscription will be sent to your last email address that’s recorded in our database. If you want to cancel your subscription from a SafeSoft product, we highly recommend for you to do so before your Renewal Date.

You can cancel the auto-renewal feature of your subscription by writing an email to us at support@safesoftpro.com.


You can ask for a refund by sending an email to support@safesoftpro.com

We issue refunds for SafeSoft products within 30 days of the purchase date of the product. Please include your full name, order number, and e-mail address (used to purchase the product) in your refund request email.

Only orders placed from the SafeSoft store, including new orders and subscription renewals, are eligible for a refund under this refund policy.

Refunds for third-party software should be requested from its vendors accordingly.

We generally process refunds within 5 to 7 business days. However, this is dependent on your payment method so the timeline may vary. Once we’ve refunded the money, the product license and your subscription will be disabled.

If you have any issues with receiving or downloading our products, please send us an email at support@safesoftpro.com