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The Most Secure Email Providers of 2020

Jul 23 2020 by Amanda Dela Cruz

Broken promises most especially when it comes to secure email providers are quite rampant nowadays. Even the biggest e-mail provider Gmail has its users’ inboxes look like a spammy den for its advertisers. Gone are the days whereby you can just use a truly secure system without the agenda of others invading your private time.

Nowadays, e-mails are being used to be cataylsts of marketing. Added to that, a lot of public e-mails are easily penetrated by hackers and cyber criminals. This is why people who are serious with their businesses are opting for secure email providers.

Top 27 Best Secure Email Providers of 2020

  1. Hushmail
  2. ProtonMail
  3. RiseUp
  4. Tutanota
  5. GMX
  6. Eclipso.eu
  7. TheXYZ Webmail
  8. TorGuard
  9. com
  10. CryptoHeaven
  11. ShazzleMail
  12. Blur/MaskMe (email masker not provider)
  13. NeoMailBox
  14. CounterMail
  15. 4SecureMail
  16. Autistici/Inventati
  17. KeptPrivate
  18. CounterMail
  19. Safe-Mail
  20. S-Mail
  21. Securenym
  22. SendINC (email encryptor not provider)
  23. Novo-Ordo
  24. LockBin
  25. BitMessage.ch
  26. Opolis.eu
  27. OneShar.es (self-deleting email)

As of July 2020, everything on the list is still of service. This list of most secure email providers will be updated yearly. Everything that we’ve included in this list focuses on privacy. We do not guarantee that these services are ad-free but they are known for providing secure email service for their users.

Added to that, if you’re used to the your e-mail provider and don’t want to change, you could try various email encyptors. You can also opt for all-in-1 PC utility tools that not only ensure that you’re privacy is protected but can also speed up your computer’s performance like SafeSoft PC Cleaner.

Now that you have everything that you’ve seen the list, it’s time to get more in-depth with the top 5.

1.  Tutanota

Tutanota is a secure email provider that’s also dominating the market. It’s quite secure as not only are the mails encrypted, the whole mailbox is. Furthermore, contacts are also encrypted. The German court has ordered to turn over the data of their users but they only gave the encrypted data (with no way of decrypting). How much more secure could you go beyond that?

Moreover, Tutanota’s emails are encrypted end-to-end which makes it unique and quite secure. Emails are guaranteed private even when contacting family, friends, and business workmates who are using mainstream emails like Gmail.

The default setting of Tutanota encrypts body, subject, and attachments. This year, they’re devoted to working on an encrypted calendar. They’re truly serious when it comes to providing secure email services to their users. Added to that, they don’t record any IP addresses or even strip IP addresses from the headers of the emails that have been sent and received.

According to Matthias Pfau, co-founder of Tutanota, their secure email service does:

  • Encrypt all data (end-to-end encryption) on the users’ device/s.
  • Not store unencrypted data on their servers. This includes all data including mail to contacts.
  • Encryption to be user-friendly. Their key generation and exchange work hassle-free on the background.
  • Not use private keys of their users’ server-side.

2.  Hushmail

With 21 years in service, Hushmail remains to be one of the topmost secure email providers in the industry. Added to that, it’s one of the pioneers and it owns and operates all of its servers. This means that the user’s data is never sent and stored on a third-party server.

However, you must know that Hushmail will still have access to your inbox. Albeit that little hiccup, they do not get users’ data, scan emails, spy on inboxes and they also provide a 1-click encryption tool.

It also has several features that include temporary email addresses, automatic encryption, strict HTTPS, and two-step verification. In the last 21 years, Hushmail has been forced by Canada’s government to hand over three user accounts in 2007. However, the service is built with the utmost privacy, security, and simplicity so the government was not able to retrieve some data.

On top of being free, the reason why Hushmail is a top secure email provider is it has proven itself for 21 years. Nowadays, these secure email provides often give in after a single legal request and give up their users’ mailbox by wiping them out without any way of retrieving the data. Hushmail doesn’t do this.

3.  RiseUp

RiseUp is a great secure email service. It’s supported by a lot of activists and privacy supporters. The company is based in Seattle and they offer a lot of tools for anonymity and security for free. Their solutions are tracker-free with no censorship, ensuring its users’ emails to stay private and secure.

The company started operating in 1999 and was made possible by privacy-supporters. Even if it had several encounters with law enforcement, their users’ data has never been seized, compromised, and exposed by any third-party company or by the government.

RiseUp is amazing but you may have to be patient before creating an account. You’d have to wait for several days before you could open one and you have to do it through filing a customer support ticket. You must also be a journalist, activist, hacker, or anyone who requires a private account before they make you one. Don’t worry, once you’ve successfully created an account, everything will be smooth-sailing from that point.

4.  Torguard

Do you want a secure email provider that’s owned by a top VPN provider? Torguard is for you. Its anonymous email service is pretty new in the game but Torguard has proven itself for years already with their numerous award-winning privacy products.

With it, you’re going to be ensured of a secure inbox, PGP email encryption, ad-free, end-to-end security, and perfect forward secrecy. However, its offering may feel lackluster to you as you may not want something that only deals with your e-mail.

Blur/MaskMe (Bonus)

If you’re adamant about making Torguard your secure email provider, you could always partner it with something like Blur/MaskMe. Its creator Albine, which is quite popular in the privacy and security plugin industry, has packed Blur (formerly known as MaskMe) with several useful features.

This allows you to mask your email addresses very easily while you’re perusing the web. Instead of providing websites your personal email address, Blur will mask it and have it work with the 2nd email that Albine has provided you for it to catch and forward everything to your real email.

In other words, if a website is spammy, shady, and gets hacked, your true email address will never fall on their hands. The great part is you may block these masked emails. Once the email starts to get spammed, you can simply block the masked email and you will never have a spam-filled inbox in your life ever again.

5.  ShazzleMail

We’ve reached the final secure email provider in this top 5 list… Shazzlemail! The reason why we’ve put this last is that its system is quite unique. What they do is provide your data on your end (device). Instead of hosting the content, they’ve created a way for your machine to be the server which means that all of the data that gets through your e-mail are stored locally and never pass through ShazzleMail.

Using ShazzleMail is very easy. All you need to do is to download the ShazzleMail app on your device. Create an account and you’re done. Don’t get too excited because since with ShazzleMail, you’re the server, uptime can be compromised. What this means for you is should you turn off your phone or PC, your server will be offline and you will have no way to read and receive messages.

However, the good thing is that you’re ensured that your data is never compromised (granted that it has not been compromised). Should you want to be really sure of your privacy and have limitless e-mail storage, try ShazzleMail.

SafeSoft PC Cleaner (Bonus)

The safest way to send and receive emails would be ShazzleMail with a combo of SafeSoft PC Cleaner. The reason being is because SafeSoft PC Cleaner deals with your machine while ShazzleMail’s data only deals with your machine locally.

Having a tool that can scan, detect, and protect your computer like SafeSoft PC Cleaner will ensure that what you’re getting and keeping in your computer are not malicious and won’t compromise your system. It detects private information down to a t; even credit card numbers, passwords, ID numbers, and everything that you don’t want other people to have access to.


It’s very important not to give in to the hype. Find a secure email provider that BEST FITS your needs. Don’t go overboard most especially if you don’t have to. Don’t let advertisements help you decide on which one to get. Your data’s privacy is what matters most.

Should you have any suggestions for other secure email providers for the year 2020, please share them in the comments section below!